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Topics of interest for submission include (but are not limited to)
A. Intelligent Transportation Theory
A1. Traffic theory, modeling, and simulation
A2. Vision systems and processing
A3. Multi-modal ITS
A4. Safety Systems
A5. Intelligent algorithms
A6. Intelligent Vehicles
B. Intelligent Transportation Technology
B1. Advanced energy storage and control systems
B2 .Electric vehicle technologies
B3. Acquisition and Fusion for Traffic information
B4. V2V Communications,V2I Communications
B5. Cooperative Vehicle and Infrastructure Syetem (CVIS)
B6 .The optimization of traffic networks and signals
B7. Highway-rail intersection
B8 .ITS user services: ATMS, ATIS, AVCS, etc
C. Intelligent Transportation Safety
C1. Security Systems
C2. Evacuation Systems
C3. Traffic and Communications Networks
C4. Emergency Services
C5. Vehicle Collision Avoidance
C6. Integrated Safety Systems
C7. Traffic control system
C8. Traffic emergency services
C9. Active Safety, Passive Safety and Security Systems
C10. Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility systems
D. Intelligent Transportation Management
D1. ITS for Special Needs
D2. Automated vehicle operation and Driver assistance systems
D3. Emergency vehicle management
D4. Commercial vehicle operations and administrative processes
D5. Public transportation management
D6. Travel information and route guidance
D7. Vehicle localization and autonomous navigation
D8. Environmental and Green Transportation
E. Electronics and Information Technology
E1. Circuit Theory and its Application
E2. Embedded System
E3. Intelligent Instrument and Detection Technology
E4. Sensor Technology
E5. Optical Fiber Communication
E6. Bioinformatics
F. Computer Science and Technology
F1. Parallel Distributed Computing
F2. Computer Networks and Communication
F3. Operating System & Database System
F4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
F5. CAD/Computer Graphics (CG)
F6. Information Security
F7. E-commerce and Its Management
F8. E-government and Its Management
G. Control and Automation
G1. Network Control
G2. Auto Control System
G3. Control System Modeling and Simulation Technology
G4. Industrial Robot and Automation
G5. Electrical Automation


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